Mayson Diary Session 2

Damn, can’t seem to find anyone in the underground who knows a tatooist.

Greir is off to the library to investigate the tatoo seen on the hired muscle last night.

Possibly worshippers of Morn, one of the old ones. Lord of lies.

Full confessor Flavious. Under the employ of Marlog. Retired 15 years ago, now an inkeeper in Doram in the mountains in the east. His letter speaks of an evil spreading in the village. Could be related to the dark ones. Henchmen of Morn. Cnaeus.

And now we are going for a 1200km horse ride.

Day of riding to the Dymark, can’t really recall which inn was better. I did seem to develop that odd itch at one of them… Memory a bit foggy.

Our wildling friend is a suspicious bastard. Warding the door. I suppose you can’t be too careful.

The journey continues east.

And then back west.

This river does seem to be an easier way to get there.

Spent a resource aquiring transport up river.

Another night at the Blind Duck in.

Looks like the savage is having a good time feeding the fish.



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