Mayson Diary Session 3

Bump in the night

The three survivors interrogated, however they seem to be common river bandits. Perhaps 45 or so remaining bandits. Captain seems to want to drop them at the next port. Off to the mines for them..

A quick stop at the inn, for a meal followed by an evening of fountains from both ends. It must’ve been the patte.

Continuing up the river, fairly uneventful for the next 5 or so days.

Town Gralmark, end of the river trip. Beats blisters on the arse but a slow journey.

Contacted some of the undergound for leads on our tatooed quarry. Should have some information by dawn.

Information provided indicates the tatooed man did come through one to two weeks earlier, but is considered ‘friendly’ to the local malcontents. Since I can’t really go into the details why we want him, the information is useful, but lacking in detail.

Heading to Glast (TBC) in the company of some cavalry and a caravan heading in the same direction as us. Very little conversation, however the captain is interested in our business. Not that we need to say a lot once he finds out we’re with teh confessors.



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