The Courier

Malrog assigned us to retrieve a courier from the Evil Flute, an inn near the Northgate.

Things went rapidly downhill upon our arrival at the inn. Locating the room the courier was in didn’t prove too difficult; Mayson had a previous relationship with a barmaid working at the establishment. I fear this will become a common theme.

Two thugs had positioned themselves outside the dear while a commotion could be heard going on in the couriers room. Things did not bode well for Gaius Scribeinous.

The huntsman and the rogue had already moved to bracket the thugs at the door. I kindly asked for the hired swords to stand aside but they were having none of it. Steel was bared so I deemed the situation rapidly deteriorating.

My initial impressions of my two companions were borne out; at the instigation of combat the pair of them displayed their fighting mettle without hesitation. The huntsman is deadly with his axe and the thief more than happy to enter the fray. The mercenary who attempted to flee after having his ear carved from his skull received the long spike of the huntsmans axe to the back of his head.

Feeling somewhat generous but knowing the reply, I once again offered the remaining man his life. He demurred, so before he could attack further I opened his throat with a well practised swing of my steel.



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