Mayson Diary
Day 1

It was all a misunderstanding… how was I to know she was married… Well, here I am, crusty old man and a new confessor. And a wild man (gods know I could smell him from the other building). New mission it seems, go find a courier holed up in an inn.

Anyway, off to [the Evil Flute The Evil Flute. The bar wench was a good … hostess. Very eager. Oh, that’s right, courier. In through the old back entrace, grab a brew and off to get the courier.

Upstairs, two hired goons. Dalmaen decides to feign entry to our room. I don’t think they bought it. Geir, typical confessor, all balls no… oh shit, they’re drawing. Jump in, fast, strike first. I’ll take that ear as a reminder of their stupidity.

Gods, Dalmaen near decapitated the poor sod.

His buddy doesn’t look so resolved to deny us entry after Geir’s threat, is that a puddle? A last ditch swing before Dalmaen nearly puts him on his arse. Geir gives him a new smile. Messy.

Now, who was in the room with our target?

Shit, he’s going out the window.

Yoink, pocket that ear.

What the? Dalmaen is a caster? And a savage. What’s the kingdom coming to. This deal with the confessors just gets better by the day. And it’s day fucking one!

Door breached, there’s an open window and a corpse. At least my day is going better than some. Looks like I’m not the only one collecting body parts either, perhaps Geir is not so bad to work with after all. A bunch of letters to go with the fingers, addressed to various nobles and one to Malrog.

According to Dalmaen, a dark magical presence was in the room. Geir seems interested in the evil looking tatoos on the two former goons, though the significance escapes me at this stage. Time to report back to the confessors on this development.

Bouncers, great. Time for me to depart. Not going to the lockup again.

Back at base, looks like we got the information we needed. Some followup work for the academically inclined while I retire for some after hours activities.

The Courier

Malrog assigned us to retrieve a courier from the Evil Flute, an inn near the Northgate.

Things went rapidly downhill upon our arrival at the inn. Locating the room the courier was in didn’t prove too difficult; Mayson had a previous relationship with a barmaid working at the establishment. I fear this will become a common theme.

Two thugs had positioned themselves outside the dear while a commotion could be heard going on in the couriers room. Things did not bode well for Gaius Scribeinous.

The huntsman and the rogue had already moved to bracket the thugs at the door. I kindly asked for the hired swords to stand aside but they were having none of it. Steel was bared so I deemed the situation rapidly deteriorating.

My initial impressions of my two companions were borne out; at the instigation of combat the pair of them displayed their fighting mettle without hesitation. The huntsman is deadly with his axe and the thief more than happy to enter the fray. The mercenary who attempted to flee after having his ear carved from his skull received the long spike of the huntsmans axe to the back of his head.

Feeling somewhat generous but knowing the reply, I once again offered the remaining man his life. He demurred, so before he could attack further I opened his throat with a well practised swing of my steel.

Mayson Diary Session 2

Damn, can’t seem to find anyone in the underground who knows a tatooist.

Greir is off to the library to investigate the tatoo seen on the hired muscle last night.

Possibly worshippers of Morn, one of the old ones. Lord of lies.

Full confessor Flavious. Under the employ of Marlog. Retired 15 years ago, now an inkeeper in Doram in the mountains in the east. His letter speaks of an evil spreading in the village. Could be related to the dark ones. Henchmen of Morn. Cnaeus.

And now we are going for a 1200km horse ride.

Day of riding to the Dymark, can’t really recall which inn was better. I did seem to develop that odd itch at one of them… Memory a bit foggy.

Our wildling friend is a suspicious bastard. Warding the door. I suppose you can’t be too careful.

The journey continues east.

And then back west.

This river does seem to be an easier way to get there.

Spent a resource aquiring transport up river.

Another night at the Blind Duck in.

Looks like the savage is having a good time feeding the fish.

Travel broadens the mind
Or it can get your brains spilled

Tattoos are related to worship of the dark god Mörrn, The Lord of Lies and a consummate spell caster.

Traveling east towards the mountains and decided to take a river boat.

Attacked in the middle of the night by bandits. They were swiftly dealt with.

Doram is our final destination.

The river trip was relatively hassle free, with the exception of the evening when an attempt was made to poison our band. Fucking yokels. I’ll return another time and raze the miserable inn down to the dirt.

We disembarked at Gralmar. Mayson was once again in his element and he quickly made contact with the local representatives of the Shady Brothers. Inc.

Mayson Diary Session 3
Bump in the night

The three survivors interrogated, however they seem to be common river bandits. Perhaps 45 or so remaining bandits. Captain seems to want to drop them at the next port. Off to the mines for them..

A quick stop at the inn, for a meal followed by an evening of fountains from both ends. It must’ve been the patte.

Continuing up the river, fairly uneventful for the next 5 or so days.

Town Gralmark, end of the river trip. Beats blisters on the arse but a slow journey.

Contacted some of the undergound for leads on our tatooed quarry. Should have some information by dawn.

Information provided indicates the tatooed man did come through one to two weeks earlier, but is considered ‘friendly’ to the local malcontents. Since I can’t really go into the details why we want him, the information is useful, but lacking in detail.

Heading to Glast (TBC) in the company of some cavalry and a caravan heading in the same direction as us. Very little conversation, however the captain is interested in our business. Not that we need to say a lot once he finds out we’re with teh confessors.

Party Time

Been a while since I woke up remembering so little. Some party, next time bring drugs.

Now we are faced with one of those little bastards that got into our heads, and it wants us to follow to avoid some evil up on the road. Single file through for several hours, then thinning of the trees.

Dalmaen's reflections

Raining, wet and cold as we wait for the occult demon summoner story turn up. For some reason, mason agreed to wait outside to scout for us.

Light’s on, show time.

Wtf. No one there, but a warm candle, and a couple of boxes.. . . Someone storing stolen goods here? Ez vaneius noble house, goods stolen from them..

Another confessor turned up and solved the case in a day. Looks like he found and old crackpot healer to blame (Vectorius Petronius) and tortured a confession out of him. No sign of violence at vectorius’ house

Couldn’t find any evidence to save him. I guess we will never know.

Soderby travel

Traveling from Doram up the valley to soderby

Staying at farm houses on the way. Weather not good.

Ran into some big mother four eyed wolves only a half day from the village. We beat them off, but two of our party sickened. I gathered some herbs that helped, but we needed a healer and moved on to Soderby.


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