This section describes the use of Athletics and difficulty modifiers. NOTE! Armour & shield modifies all Athletics manoeuvres. I.e. a +1 shield and +3 armour will be a difficulty of 4.


This section describes using Athletics for movement in combat. Typically to change zones, but also to manoeuvre around enemies, stand up from prone, etc.

Surface Difficulty
Broken ground/cluttered +1
Tangled/dense jungle/very cluttered/water to knees +2
Slippery/muddy/wet/water to waist +2
Very Slippery/icy/water to chest +3

Special Actions

This section describes using Athletics for special actions in combat. Typically to draw weapon, stand up from prone, etc. Most of these actions can be made as a full action and as such requires NO Athletics check. All special actions use the difficulty of borders and movement and armour, all added together.

Action Difficulty
Standing up from prone +1
Ready/Sheath weapon +0
Ready item +1
Other simple actions; open door +0
Other medium actions; unlock a door with a key +1
Other complex actions; tie a knot +2
Put armour on/off 1 turn per point of armour x 5
Put Shield on/off(requires other hand free) 1 turn
Drop Shield (requires other hand free) +2

A character can only do one special action in a round.

NOTE! if the action in question only require movement of hands, example to tie a knot, armour only increase difficulty by one (gloves).

Border Obstacle

This section describes using Athletics for changing form one zone to another and the zones have an obstacle as a border.

Obstacle Difficulty
Easy: Stairs/slope/down rope/short drop +1
Average: Ladder/long jump +2
Hard: Up rope/high jump +3


This section describes using Athletics as part of a move and the difficulty to do it with low visibility..

Visibility Difficulty
Pitch Black +3
Darkness, thick smoke/fog +2
Dim light, light smoke/fog +1


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