1. Decide what you want to do. You can do four things with evocation including: Attack, Maneuver, Block, and Counter-spell. Evocation is a quick instantaneous spell. Must be able to see target.
2. Decide how much power shifts you want to put into spell. Shifts can be spent on things like damage, armor, duration etc. If the number of power shifts you take is greater than you Conviction you take a point of extra mental stress for each point above your conviction.
3. Roll 4df and add it to your Discipline. The difficulty of the spell is the number of power shifts you chose. You can add elemental specialties or foci. If you succeed spend the shifts. If you fail the spell backfires and you take the shifts as stress. The Discipline also counts as your attack roll if you are using the spell to attack.
4. Take a point of mental stress for using evocation plus any stress you took for shifts above your Conviction. Spend your shifts.

• 1 shift of power increases the Weapon rating by 1.
• 2 shifts of power let you affect every target in one particular zone you can see.
• Instead of attacking zones, you can attack individual targets by splitting up your shifts of power.
• 1 shift of power adds 1 to Armor or as a zone border.
• 1 shift of power adds 1 additional exchange of persistence (duration).
• 2 shifts of power allow the effect to cover multiple allies within the same zone.
• 1 shift of power adds 1 to the block strength of the block action.
• 3 shifts of power allows you to place a maneuver.
• 1 shift of power adds 1 additional exchange of persistence (duration).
• All shifts of power used to reduce opposing spell. Must guess the number of shifts opposition has put toward
spell. A lore roll can be made at difficulty equal to opposition’s discipline.

Focus Items

Most casters use focus items to help them with their spell casting. Focus items have to be held in the casters hand to function. Sometimes gloves, rings and bracelets can be used but caster in these cases can not use the item if they are holding onto something in that hand.


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