Gralmark is the biggest town in Skoldland mainly because it is on the end/start of the river boat trade on the Og river. Gralmark exists as a trade hub for all east/west trade with Nanin nation.

Coming to Gralmark what people usually notice is that the town is new, there are very few buildings made of stone, pretty much everything is made of wood. The outer wall is a Wooden wall with earthworks.

Gralmark lies on the northern side of the river and as such is heavily fortified due to the proximity of the border to Konar. Gralmark also have a large military garrison. Gralmark is located in a natural river cove were waters run slower and provides a perfect harbour for the river boats. Upriver is narrower with dangerous rocky rapids, thus river boast only travel to Gralmark. From Gralmark down to the Ice Sea the river expands and becomes slower and more placid.

Gralmark is a slightly disorganised and dirty town, the streets are not cobbled, there is new sewage system, in all a little bit of a “frontier” style town. There is a lot of bustle around the harbour. Gralmark slows down during winter and the first month of spring when no river boats travel the river. At this time Gralmarks poulation halves.

The surrounding area is farmed supplying the town with food. The outer farms particularly to the north are all fortified.

Gralmark has four Inns.

Inn Name Short Description
Black Oaktree An average inn.
The Golden Hammer The low class inn.

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