The Konar is not a nation as an area populated by tribes, where the tribes have a similar culture and belief system. The Konar lands are savage and wild, beasts of unmeasurable power still prowls the Konar lands. This makes the Konar a hardy and tough people. The Konar tribes are savage when fighting, they have a raw wildness that can turn into berserker rage. They have no issues with killing women and children and they are absolutely ruthless.

They do not have metal working yet, and have to trade for metal weapons/tools. The traditional weapons are made of stone and wood.

The Konar is considered savages by more “civilised” people. They in turn look down on “civilised” people and their lack of attunement to nature.

Most of Konar is Boreal forests, in most places to dense to even travel with horses. The Konar people have few horses.

This section describes the different major tribes.

Tribe Short Description
Bear Clan Southernmost of the Konar clan. This is the clan that have had the most contact with Nanin.


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