Nanin is the northernmost of the Yggr tribes. It resides between the Ice Sea and the great ocean. It borders in the north with the barbarian nations of Konar and Yrth, and in the east with Morn, the south with Lessel

Most of Nanin is forested, mainly temperate forest but also some pine forests. Most of the country side is unpopulated and full of dangerous beasts. In the areas to the west the economy is based mainly on farming. In the south east there is quite a lot of mining operations, mainly iron, copper and silver.

Noble Houses

This section describes the different regions in Nanin.

Name Short Description
Skoldland Region north of the Og river up to the border with Konar.
Barkland Central northern region in Nanin.
Kiruland Region to the east, coast to the great ocean.
Uddland Farming region to the west. This is the region around the capital Sarander. It has coast against the Ice Sea. There are some mining in the eastern mountains.
Rikland Farming region to the south west, coast to the Ice Sea and bordering the nation of Morn.
Dunland Farming/fishing region to the west, coast to the Ice Sea.
Sivland Central region in Nanin. Mainly farming but also some mining in the eastern mountains.
Torland Southern region bordering to Lessel. Mainly farming but also quite a lot of trapping and fur trade.
Ammarland Region to the south west. Borders to Morn. This area is cut of from the rest of Nanin by the Askar forest.

This section describes the different organisations.

Name Short Description
Confessors Secretive organisations battling the influence of the Dark Ones.
Witch Finders Loosely organised group of people that hunts rouge wizards, occult monsters etc.


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