Parrying dagger

This stunt is the additional skill of fighting with a dagger/parry dagger in your off hand. This stunt is the typical skill you see in the Three Musketeers movies. It is the base for any two weapon fighting stunts.

Skill: Fight
Pre-Requisite: None

With this stunt a character can do the following:

1) When using a weapon in their off hand they are at 1 to defence. The off hand weapon acts as a +1 Shield against melee attacks. NOT ranged.
2) The character can use an improvised weapon, leg of a chair, candelabra as an off hand parrying dagger and get +1 as described above
3) The character can use a cloak to parry. It provides a +1 just as in number 1 above AND it provides +1 against ranged attack if the character can see it coming.
4) The character can use his off hand weapon when attacking and get +1 on attack rolls BUT cannot use it for defence in the same turn. (not with cloaks).
5) If the character is using a cloak in his/her off hand they can use it in attack as stated in 4 above BUT they make no additional damage. Instead they can on a success tag one opponent with -2 Aspect of blinded. Or on a MOS of 2
disarm one opponent.

Parrying dagger

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