Salander is the capital of Nanin. It is also the administrative and trade centre of Nanin. All large noble houses have estates in Salander and politicking goes on all the time.

Nanin is situation on edge of the Ice Sea and on the mouth of the Serang River. Salander is also the capital of the Uddland province of Nanin.

Trade is by boat to the eastern areas of Nanin as well as to the Yggr nation of Morn. Most exotic trade comes by land from the town of Fnor as well as overland from the Yggr nations Lessel and Elzar.

The city itself really has two areas the old city with is crammed buildings (think medieval) and the new city which is more aligned with Roman architecture and style, open avenues, palaces.

The city has a permanent city watch (full paid staff). It also have a conscript city militia used in emergencies.

This section describes the different inns.

Inn Name Short Description
The Evil Flute A large, middle class Inn close to the north gate.


Yggr larsinator