Small village on the northern side of the Wyrms Rest mountains.

The village has about a hundred population spread around about 20 buildings. The largest buildings is a grain store and the inn. The village is surrounded by a palisade (3 meters high) mainly to keep animals out. There is a stream running through the village.

Other buildings of note is the healers hut on the east side of the village next to the palisade. There is also a water powered mill in the middle of the village.

Approaching the village from the north (coming up on the road from Doram , the village is in a small flat area between mountain slopes. on three sides. There are no other roads though there are some trails leading away from the village.

In close proximity of the village there are some outlying farmsteads. Further up the mountain side there are a number of trapper huts. The area is known for its very nice Myrnar pelts. The Myrnar is a small squirrel like animal, its pelts are highly priced in larger cities to be used in clothing and furs.


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