The Sight

When you open your third eye, you perceive I consider everything about the world visually. Everything, Sight to be using the all at once. This may give you strange and a deliberate, focused act twisted versions of future possibilities, hint at past evils, reveal the presence of magical and psychic wounds, all sorts of ongoing glories and horrors, beneficent and malevolent spells and enchantments, and so on. However, the price for this arcane knowledge comes from exposing your mind to the Sight’s awesome force.

1. GM to set the Intensity(difficulty)
2. Take an action to open the Sight and get the description of what you’re Seeing.
3. Make an assessment action to try to learn about what you’re Seeing. (Lore)
4. Defend against the mental strain of using the Sight. (Will vs Intensity)
5. Close the Sight (if you can and was successful with 4 above) before you suffer too much of that strain
6. Look again, automatic if unsuccessful in 4 above

Difficulty Coverage
0 A small item
+1 a large item or person
+2 a small area/small room
+3 a medium area (no more than 10×10m
+4 a large area (soccer field))
+5 a very large area (1 sq km)
Difficulty Intensity
+1 low intensity
+2 medium intensity/violence/benevolent magic
+3 high intensity/murder/dark magic
+4 demonology/excruciating torture/pain

Name Short Description

The Sight

Yggr larsinator