Barkland ranges from a northern part that is sparsely populated to a central/southern part that is more civilised. The northern part is close to Konar lands and have therefore kept settlers away. The northern part of Barkland have some pine forest where the southern part has oak and other leafed trees and even some areas of grassy plains.


The economy is mainly based on farming in the southern/central areas. Pretty much in the middle of the region lies Glast the capital, a farming hub but also a hub for trade east/west as well as south.

In the northwester corner there is a fort against the Konar lands and in the north eastern corner there is a fort bordering Yrth.

This section lists the towns/cityies/poluation centres in Barkland

Name Short Description
Glast Capital of Barkland.
Brumark Brumark is a small town on the east/west trade road.
Buttra Town in southern Barkland. Farming and herding are the main livelihoods.
Overby Town close to Fort Halle at the Konar border.
Oddulla Oddulla is a small town on the east/west trade road.
Trask Town reasonable close to Fort Razz at the Yrth border close to the Ice Mountains and the river Forsalven
Horms On the border to Kiruland, to the east. Once the border town to the Yrth nation to the east and as such a large military town.

Geographic Areas
This section lists the geographic areas of Barkland, things like rivers, forests, plains etc.

Name Short Description
River Niren Is the main waterway in Barkland, it runs south to north. In the north it joins up with River Kurz.
River Kurz Very large river that is the border between Konar and Nanin. Not possible to cross in spring and early summer due to the amount and speed of the water coming from the mountains.
Enar Forest Large dense forest along the western border to Skoldland. Centaurs are said to live in the south eastern fringes of the forest.
Yngling Wood Large forest in southern Barkland, bordering to Sivland
Tomte Wood Large dense forest in eastern Barkland. Tales about strange creatures habitating this woods are common in Oddulla and Horms.
Plains of Quast Large grassy plains in central/southern Barkland. Used for grazing year round. The western parts of Quast are inhabited by Centaurs.

Road Inns
This section lists the road inns of Barkland. Most road inns in Barkland are fortified.

Name Short Description
Black Fox Inn On the road between Gralmark and Glast.
Yngling Inn In Yngling woods in the southy close to the border of Sivland .
The Bloody Axe Inn In central Barkland between Glast and Brumark.


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