Kiruland is located between the River Forsalven and the mountain Wyrms Rest. The region is almost exclusively pine forests. The region is sparsely populated.


The economy is mainly based on trade. To the east lies Fnor the capital, the only Nanin port to the great ocean. There is farming and the harvests are mainly used for consumption within the region. In the mountains to the south there is mining mainly iron and silver.

Along River Forsalven there are a number of forts proecting against raids/invasions from Yrth.

Kiruland was conquered 30 years ago. It was originally an Yrth kingdom. Most of the population is still Yrthinas. There is still a high level of resentment and Nanin people better watch their backs when travelling in remote areas.

This section lists the towns/cityies/poluation centres in Kiruland

Name Short Description
Fnor Capital of Kiruland. Port on the Great Ocean.
Brytby Brumark is a small town on the east/west trade road.
Sydby Small fishing town.
Sikby Small fishing town.
Navel Farming town in central Kiruland.
Brytby Town close to Fort Morsk at the Yrth border close to the river Forsalven and on the coast of the Great Ocean.
Trimm Farming town in central Kiruland.
Skytte Town close to Fort Dypt at the Yrth border.
Doram Small mining town.
Gruvby Small mining town.
Alun Small mining town.
Gora Small mining town.

Geographic Areas
This section lists the geographic areas of Kiruland , things like rivers, forests, plains etc.

Name Short Description
River Omask Is the largest waterway in Kiruland , it runs from the southern mountains to the great ocean.
Forsalven Very large river that is the border between Yrth and Nanin. Not possible to cross in spring and early summer due to the amount and speed of the water coming from the mountains.

Road Inns
This section lists the road inns of Kiruland . Most road inns in Kiruland are fortified.

Name Short Description
Sleepin Wolf Inn On the road between Barkland and the great ocean.
Arla Inn In central Kiruland.
Pine Cone Inn On the main road up to the mining areas.
Uppern Inn On the main road up to the mining areas.
Deepwater Inn On the main road up to the mining areas.
Razor Ridge Inn On the main road up to the mining areas.

Other places of interest
This section lists other places of interest in Kiruland.

Name Short Description


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