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This is the wiki for the Yggr campaign. The wiki also includes the rules and the Monster Manual.

This section describes the different cultures the PC’s have encountered or heard about.

Culture Short Description
Yggr culture The Yggrculture is based on clans/noble families.
Yrth culture Is the culture of the people in the Yrth. Similiar to old Viking.
Kad culture is the culture/religion of the Dar-Masan country.
Konar culture the culture of the tribes of Konar.


Religion Short Description
Yggr Pantheon The religion of Yggr. A pantheon of gods similar to old Greek.
Kad The sun god. belief in a single god, angels and demons.
Arb The destroyer/creator. Worshipped by the people of Yrth.

This section describes the different countries/civilizations the PC’s have encountered or heard about.

Country Description
Yggr The lands of Yggr is divided into five nations. The nations have a shared history, culture, traditions and gods. At times the nations go to war against each other. The nations are Nanin to the north, Morn to the west, Lessel in the center, Elzar to the east and Korg to the south.
Yrth Yrth is the land of the northmen. Tall bearded barbarians. Farmers, hunters and traders.
Konar Konar borders Nanin to the northwest. Konar is populated by fierce tribes. They live in smaller communities, farming, fishing, hunting. They reject “civilisation”.
Dar-Masan Dar-Masan is a country to southeast. Remnants of what once was a larger empire.

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